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This site was created by Dr. Spalding who has been involved in the Nail Salon industry since 1998 and dedicated to the nail technicians and cosmetologist who recognized the need for advanced training, advanced disinfection concepts and assisting those professionals reach out to the medical profession to meet the needs of the aging baby boomer population, by providing safer pedicure and manicure services.

Features of the WESTERILIZE.com website:
1. - The only means in the US that the general public can find and locate salons that sterilize their instruments by
autoclave.  We will continue to make public announcements and advertise this website on a continual basis to
improve your client referral base.  We believe you should be rewarded for your extraordinary effort to protect your
clients over and above what most state cosmetology boards fail to initiate.
2. - A link to a drspalding.com website where you can report unsafe salon practices or infections.

3. - An electronic newsletter distributed periodically to members when news becomes available that affects your 
industry or related medical industries. Input with your questions and comments will help development of the
newsletter to add information or conduits to new information.

4. - We are developing a message board, where nail technicians and cosmetologists can communicate with each other
on a daily basis.

5.- “ Ask a Podiatrist “ section which allows you to e-mail questions to a board certified podiatrist. You can even send in
digital pictures of conditions that you may have questions about. An exact diagnosis cannot be made, but an opinion
will be given as to what the condition might be and what direction you may take as to the care of your client.. If the
condition appears to need medical attention, I can help you with contacting a podiatrist in your area, if so desired.
The nail technician  can  establish a mutual working relationship with a podiatrist to increase referrals in both

6.- You are able to access a link to a training section of another website, that will show an array  of foot conditions. This
gives you an opportunity to visually recognize many of the conditions you might encounter on a daily basis in your

7- We provide an excellent discounted means by which to obtain the best prices on sterilizers and other autoclave
instrumentation.  My books are discounted 10 % to members or you can be reimbursed for sales of my textbooks or
other products in your salon.
8 - Listing of your name along with salon’s name, location and phone number on westerilize.com directory
9 ·  Access to the following:

-Ask a Podiatrist

-Help in Establishing Mutual Referrals and association with Podiatrists and other medical professionals

-Links to pictures of Foot Conditions

-Cosmetology Board Contact Info With Pedicure Regulations

-Helpful Industry Addresses

-Recommended Books and Videos

-Discounted Products and Services

-Disinfection and Safety Concerns

-Client Examination Form

-Informational training  links to the new degree of Medical Nail Technician™ MNT


-Highlights links to  Interesting Articles or forums

-MNT Job Listings and training site links

-Message Board under construction