Future MNT Nail Technicians

Learn how a licensed nail professional can upgrade their skills through acquiring certifications in Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) or a Medical Nail Technician (MNT).

An Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) is a state licensed nail professional who has completed additional advanced classroom and/or online training toward achieving a higher level of education in sterilization-level prevention, skills toward presenting services properly to clients who are at risk, and much more.  The ANT course encourages graduates to develop a relationship with a Podiatrist(s) who is willing to refer patients to them for pedicures post-treatment and will accept referrals of clients from the ANT.
The ANT program is available NOW, Click HERE to go to the site

A Medical Nail Technician™ (MNT) is a state licensed nail technician that has completed additional advanced classroom and/or online training to achieve the information to prepare to work for a Podiatrist. After completing this part of the course, he or she has completed a one week Internship under the direction of a Podiatrist to learn the practical skills needed for working in a podiatric office.  The first day of the Internship is eight hours of advanced concepts with actual patients under the podiatrist’s direction.  The rest of the week is spent in the office to become familiar with the procedures.
Medical Nail Technicians are completing the second phase of training now through courses available at www.medinail.com and Internships in their local areas arranged by Dr. Spalding.
Additional information on the ANT and MNT certifications can be found at drspalding.com.
Regional Podiatry Training sites are being developed on an ongoing basis.  If nail technicians wish to perform an Internship in their local areas, a Podiatrist can be resourced in your area where you can perform the Internship. Please email Dr. Spalding at rts9999999@aol.com or call 423-756-3668 to leave your contact information.

Need Education NOW?
Several courses are currently available. For complete information on courses now available Please go to: www.medinail.com
Those who wish information toward attaining the status of Advanced Nail Technician or Medical Nail Technician, please contact Dr. Spalding at rts9999999@aol.com.

Easy to read support information is available immediately to nail technicians through this book, written especially for nail technicians. Click on the book and see how you can purchase this book.