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We seek to have professional salons of the highest quality registered on this site. Please adhere to the philosophy of ‘aseptic techniques,’ meaning a hygienic environment populated by professionals who are clean and neat and perform services free of any possibility of the transfer of disease. Their implements meet the standards of asepsis, meaning ‘without disease,’ when working on all clients.
Your salon must meet the following practice qualifications to be listed on
The use of sterilization with an Autoclave and sealed pouches for metal implement
Proper preparation of the implements before sterilization
Dust-free surfaces in the salon
Clean and uncluttered environment throughout the salon
The disinfection of all equipment with a registered EPA disinfectant, including the pedicure bath, according to your state protocols
The client must wash his/her hands prior to the service.
The service provider must wash his/her hands prior to the service.
Laundered, first-use linens used in salon services
Pre-service health screening is practiced, such as use of a new client sheet and examination of the hands and feet before the service


If you have further thoughts concerning this list, please contact us at


Obviously we cannot monitor whether the salons on this site are adhering to these practices so we have asked the clients who go into the salons to notify us if a salon is not practicing in the above manner. If we hear from a client that a salon is out of compliance, we will call them and discuss the issues, then remove the listing if we hear from a client the second time.