Why Sterilize


We all know that, so what do we do?
The key to re-establishing consumer trust in the nail industry is supporting our client’s belief that they are safe to come into our salons for services. But how do you address this as a single salon or as an individual nail professional? You commit to safety practices in your salon that are obvious (the client sees it) and proven, then market your choices.
The ultimate in prevention practices for eliminating any possibilities for the transfer of disease with metal implements is the commitment to autoclave sterilization.
Twelve reasons to sterilize with an autoclave
1. Sterilization is the only means of disease prevention that can be verified and guaranteed at any time.
2. Sterilization is the only form of disease prevention that can kill all bacterial or fungal organisms and prevents recontamination through the use of sealed pouches as opposed to post-disinfection holding trays.
3. Sterilization is the only disease prevention method that readily kills bacterial spores.
4. Sterilization assures the clients that they receive sterilize implements through the use of sealed pouches that can only be opened once.
5. Sterilization pouches are to be opened only in the view of the client, providing him/her the confidence of safety.
6. Sterilization is guaranteed though a colored heat indictor that only shows change when the proper kill temperature has been achieved.
7. Sterilization is cheaper than liquid disinfection after the initial purchase of the autoclave sterilizer. Eventually, the cost of the Autoclave meets the costs of liquid disinfection, and the Autoclave is more economical than liquid disinfection methods.
8. Daily change of liquids is no longer necessary.
9. The inconsistencies in the recommendations of proper soaking times are no longer a concern.
10. State inspectors love salons that go beyond the basics in safety procedures.
11. Marketing of your sterilization policy is brings that concerned consumers into your salon.
12. Sterilization allows the salon to offer a valuable customer service: the sterilization of personal home nail care implements. The service can be free or for a nominal fee and is well received by clients.
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